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Borner schiaccianoci Nuts´n more - GoldLine

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  • EL60017
Original Borner Nutcracker Gold Edition With this nutcracker, everything that glitters is... altro
Informazione prodotto "Borner schiaccianoci Nuts´n more - GoldLine"

Original Borner Nutcracker Gold Edition

With this nutcracker, everything that glitters is gold! Just as valuable as your health that you protect with vitamins, trace elements, unsaturated fats and proteins by opening nuts and almonds carefully and fresh. The 24-karat gold edition gives the nutcracker a sophisticated look that will be admired along with extreme sturdiness and durability, which makes handling super easy.  A real investment with technical perfection for people that demonstrate style and class in life’s small things. Use the vitalizing properties of the warm gold for your healthy enjoyment.

The nutcracker Nuts’n more of the GoldLine series from Borner Germany stands out with its 24-karat gold edition and meets highest standards when it comes to lasting value and esthetic.  At the same time, it is well designed in its handling and efficiency.

This nutcracker gently cracks various nuts and almonds and is an ideal tool for opening champagne corks or hard to open screw tops.

Design and functionality make this Borner Nut’s more GoldLine something very special and an exclusive Christmas gift for that very special person.

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