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Borner can and jar opener
Open your cans and jars in an instant using the original Börner multi tool. Combines 3 functions in one gadget. Put the opener on the rim of the can and turn the rotary handle backwards. To loosen, turn the rotary handle backwards...
€ 11,90 *
Borner Cappuccinatore
Thanks to an innovative mechanism, the whisk rotates to the left and right when handle is moved. Whip cream and froth milk with minimal effort. Creates delicate foam for homemade lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates, and more! The quirl...
Da € 9,90 *
Borner Dispositivo di sicurezza
Il originale Borner dispositivo di sicurezza come accessorio per tutti originali Borner V-affettatrice e grattugia adatta a tutti Borner V-affettatrici e grattugie originali. Sta perfettamente nella mano e protegge le dita dalle...
€ 8,90 *
Borner Spiral Cutter
Create spirals from cucumbers, radish etc. in the blink of an eye. The sharp plastic edge cuts various kinds of fruit and vegetables effortless. Even potatoes can be cut up in spirals and fried afterwards. After use simply rinse under...
€ 4,90 *
Borner schiaccianoci Nuts´n more - ExclusivLine
Borner nutcracker Nuts´n more - ExclusivLine This nutcracker made of high quality stainless steel is a real highlight for your kitchen. Thanks to its funnel shape, nuts and almonds of all kinds can be easily cracked which keeps kernels...
€ 24,90 * € 39,90 *
Borner schiaccianoci Nuts´n more - GoldLine
Original Borner Nutcracker Gold Edition With this nutcracker, everything that glitters is gold! Just as valuable as your health that you protect with vitamins, trace elements, unsaturated fats and proteins by opening nuts and almonds...
€ 149,90 *
Borner apple cutter V8
Cut apples in eight even pieces with the Borner V8 apple cutter and remove the core at the same time. Serve 8 bite-sized apple pieces, for baking, garnishing or a healthy snack for everyone. Two side handles made from high-quality...
€ 6,90 *