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Quick Healthy Snacks

Quick and healthy cooking is so simple with Borner

We all need a boost at different points of the day. Many processed foods and other “snacks” are high in sugar, salt, and other ingredients that can give us that desired burst of energy.

The problem is that this energy only lasts as long as our blood sugar levels are elevated, and then we have the inevitable “crash” where we find ourselves getting drowsy and sluggish again—which leads us back to these snacks again.  At this point we fall into the pattern of  the “blood sugar roller-coaster” that has been shown to be very unhealthy both for the short and the longer term.

See this link for a powerful description of this damaging cycle:


Besides helping us to avoid long-term problems such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, better snack choices give us the extra calories our body needs to provide a steady and manageable energy level. 

Numerous studies have shown that eating more fruits and vegetables is one good way to maintain a healthy digestive system and also a productive level of energy throughout the day.

Using the Borner V5 Powerline slicer and Waffle Cutter, you can prepare a large number of healthy vegetables and fruits that can be stored effectively for a few days or more in our new Vitaminsafe containers.

Carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, apples, pears, and pineapple—all become attractive and appetizing shapes in just seconds!  Eat them alone, or with healthy dip choices like nut butters, hummus, or tahini. 

With Borner’s innovative kitchen tools, your healthy snack choices are quick and safe to prepare—truly  a way to “Change your life!”

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