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Insert box - for Borner V5 PowerLine


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Product number: ZK72101

Compact, practical and safely stowed away!

The Börner slider box complements the original Börner V-planer V5 PowerLine as an accessory. It is used for safe storage of the 3.5 mm and 7 mm blade insert.

The box can be attached in two different places on the back of the plane:

Above as a compact set for safe storage in the drawer.

Below as a stand for a decorative display of the complete V-planer including all slots and the safety fruit holder in the kitchen.

It is possible to combine several of these boxes so that the slice insert or the separately available 10mm knife insert can also be stored safely. A drip opening is integrated into the slider box. The safety fruit holder can be attached to the slider box for storage.

Product data:

  • Slider box as original Börner accessory part
  • safe storage of the slides
  • integrated drip-off facility
  • easy to use and clean
  • available in 4 colours
  • free of softeners and BPA
  • in the colours: red, orange, green, violet and white

Model: V5 PowerLine
10mm insert – accessory for Borner V5 PowerLine
When purchasing the original Borner V5 PowerLine you get a safety insert as well as a 3.5mm and s 7mm blade insert for cutting Julienne strips and sticks as standard. This additional blade insert with a 10mm cutting width allows for slicing extra wide sticks. Create delicious French fries in a matter of minutes. Perfectly suitable for the fast chopping of vegetables such as kohlrabi and healthy sticks for dipping in herb fresh cheese and as a snack in addition to packed lunches. This accessory is available in matching colors for the V5 PowerLine: red, orange, green, white and purple.

Borner Multimaker - full-color: Bowl with keep-fresh lid, sieve and Multiplate
The unique salad bowl with lid for keeping fresh, strainer for draining and the practical multiplate. The Multimaker is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic. This makes the Multimaker the ideal salad bowl for preparing fresh and healthy meals, but thanks to the decorative design, it is also perfect as a serving bowl. Simply place the Börner Multiplate on the Multimaker and insert your V5 PowerLine or another grater from the PowerLine series by Börner. Now you can slice lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes or other fruit directly into the bowl to keep your kitchen clean. The locking mechanism of the multiplate and the non-slip rubber feet of the salad bowl ensure safe use of the slicer. The integrated strainer allows you to drain freshly washed tomatoes, berries or lettuce easily and conveniently. Serve fresh fruit to friends and family directly in the shatterproof bowl. Also use the keep-fresh lid to keep your food fresh for a long time. So you always have a healthy snack or the ingredients of a healthy meal at hand. The Multimaker is microwaveable so that you can easily prepare warm dishes or enjoy delicious leftovers from dinner again. In addition, the salad bowl with lid is freezer-safe and therefore perfect for storing fresh produce. This way you have fresh berries for smoothies and crunchy vegetables at hand even in winter. For easy cleaning, simply put the Multimaker together with the lid in the dishwasher. This practical bowl is ideal for collecting the grating material for our V5 PowerLine vegetable slicer, and use all PowerLine graters. This includes our grater, the wave-waffle grater, the XXL wave-waffle grater, the Roko grater as well as our Rösti. Measurements: Salad bowl: 27cm x 27cm x 15cmLid for keeping fresh: 25cm x 25cm x 3cm Colander: 17cm x 17cm x 1,5cm Multiplate: 29cm x 27cm x 4,5cm Technical data:Includes freshness lid, sieve & multiplateSuitable for all PowerLine graters and vegetable slicers Microwave and freezer safe Lid with vacuum function Locked multiplate ensures safe use of the slicer Non-slip rubber feet Easy to use and clean Made of high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic Free of plasticisers and BPA 

Borner Grater PowerLine - food holder included
This practical kitchen grater combines the fine and coarse properties of conventional graters in one. With the help of the safety-holder, you can grate quickly and easily across the cheese grater and always have a super result. We offer you an efficient and space-efficient kitchen grater with which you can easily refine your dishes. Grate fruit, vegetables, cheese, chocolate, peel citrus fruits, raw vegetables such as carrots, radishes or apples and much more. The PowerLine cheese grater is a practical helper when preparing wholesome food. The grater is particularly suitable for grating hard vegetables and hard cheese. Softer cheeses should be stored in the fridge for a while before grating. Delivery of the kitchen grater includes a safety-holder. We recommend using the safety- holder, as this is the only way to protect your fingers safely. Measurements: Grater: 34cm x 13cm x 3,7cm safety-holder: 15cm x 11,5cm x 6cm Technical data: Set includes safety-holder Can be used on both sides Large grating surface Coarse and fine grating BPA-free plastic Free from plasticisers and harmful substances Sharp plastic teeth Discover more graters and cutters from Börner!

Borner Safety Food Holder
Safety comes first Börner is known for its sharp blades. Therefore, we also want to protect your hands. With the safety fruit holder, safe and fast work is ensured because the finger cover safely protects against the blades. In addition, the fruit holder makes it possible for you to grate fruit and vegetables down to the last bit without it becoming dangerous. So less is wasted. We recommend using the safety fruit holder with all our graters and slicers, as this is the only way to work safely. Measurements: Fruit holder: 15cmx11.5cmx6cm Technical data: Suitable for all Börner V-planes and graters. Functional shape - it fits perfectly in the hand Internal rods hold the cut material during slicing and grating Process fruits and vegetables down to a minimal residue Oil and vinegar resistant Easy to use and clean Free from plasticisers and BPA