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Borner Rosti PowerLine - food holder included


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Product information "Borner Rosti PowerLine - food holder included"

The original Borner Rosti PowerLine is ideal for grating cheese and cutting fine strips for potato rosti dishes. We strongly recommend the use of our Food Safety Holder that allows you to process fruit and vegetables up to the last bit while protecting your fingers from the patented sharp blades.

The Food Safety Holder is included!

Simple, quick and healthy!

Borner Combi Chef Four-in-One
The four in one grating device from Borner - the original straight from the manufacturer. Ideal for slicing, grating and the preparation of coarse foods and Swiss Rosti. The integrated bowl catches the cut materials without leaving any spills. With safety food holder! This is a must for every kitchen. Create fast and healthy meals made from fresh fruit and vegetables. The sharp polished two-way blades cut accurate slices, fine Julienne strips, the coarse grater is ideal for hash browns and Swiss Rosti. The integrated bowl catches the cut materials without leaving any spills. Simply clean the Combi Chef under running water and your kitchen will be spotless. The Combi Chef is not only a practical helper but also a great decorative piece for your kitchen.  

Borner Roko PowerLine - food holder included
The Borner Roko PowerLine Julienne Slicer enables you to cut fruit and vegetables into fine, uniform Julienne strips. The Roko Slicer cuts carrots, celery, turnips, cabbage, parsnips, and more. Hard cheese or even chocolate emerge in beautiful strips. You can process large quantities in a very short time due to the rows of blades polished on both sides. To clean, simply hold briefly under running water. The Food Safety Holder is included! Simple, quick and healthy! Product specifications: Durable, sturdy construction Easy and efficient to use

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Borner Slice Cutter DesignLine
A healthy diet is based on freshly processed ingredients that have not been prepared industrially or mechanically. This is the only way to keep vitamins and minerals, but also the delicious abundance of aromas. Fresh salads, crisp vegetables sides dishes or even soups can be prepared successfully with our Slice Cutter DesignLine. Because it makes the preparation of cucumbers, radishes, carrots, leeks, onions or other ingredients fun: cutting them into fine or even waver-thin slices goes smoothly and quickly so that even snacks in-between meals will turn into a real vitality kick with pleasure factor.

Borner Slicer V3 TrendLine Basic Set
The Borner V3 Basic Set is ideal for cutting thick and thin slices. Simple, quick & healthy. Comes with our V3 slicer, the blade insert that also serves as a child protection lock, a slice insert for cutting 2 thicknesses and the food safety holder to protect your fingers from the sharp Borner blades. Interested in matching accessories for additional cutting options? Please click on the tab "accessories". All dyes used in Borner products are food-safe, the plastics are BPA free and contain no softeners.