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Borner Combi Chef Four-in-One Borner Combi Chef Four-in-One
The four in one grating device from Borner - the original straight from the manufacturer. Ideal for slicing, grating and the preparation of coarse foods and Swiss Rosti. The integrated bowl catches the cut materials without leaving any...
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Borner slice cutter DesignLine Borner slice cutter DesignLine
As product of our innovative DesignLine the slice cutter not only convinces with its elegant appearance in off white, but also with a perfect ergonomic handling. Now you can cut even larger quantities of vegetables for salads, soups or...
€14.90 *
Borner vegetable cutter "Curly" e.g. for rippled potatoes, vegetable strips Borner vegetable cutter "Curly" e.g. for...
The Borner Curly is perfect for creating slightly waivy strips that are approximately 1cm wide. Use them for vegetable pans and salads, or to give your cold plates a decorative touch. The Curly is also ideal for cutting delicious...
€14.90 *
Borner handheld grater Borner handheld grater
Grater made of stainless steel for fine cutting – available individually The new slim handheld graters impress with their elegant design and are ideal for serving at the table. The sharp blades chop hard cheese, chocolate, nutmeg and...
€14.90 *