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Five Basics to Better Health

Guidelines to optimal health

There are huge volumes of information now available about how to achieve and maintain a healthy life.  So much information can result in “analysis paralysis” where we simply give up trying to process it all, possibly leading us to continue habits that ultimately make our lives less healthy and enjoyable.

So here are five basic principles to use as guidelines to optimal health.

  • Exercise daily. Thousands of websites, books, videos, and other sources give advice about how to exercise.  The key is to do some sort of moderate physical activity that will elevate your heart rate within a safe range, depending on your current health and age. Good exercise also helps maintain muscle tone and overall flexibility, two keys to a healthy body.  One common misconception is the old saying: “No pain, no gain.” This idea can actually cause people to exercise too hard or for too long, and even damage their muscles—a problem that gets worse as we get older.  

So moderation is the key—bicycling, elliptical exercisers, and light weights are far healthier options than overly intensive training. 

  • Sleep 7-8 hours daily.  Many studies have shown that nearly everyone needs this amount of sleep to allow their body’s systems to maintain and recharge themselves.  Many experts have discuss the numerous benefits of regular and sufficient sleep:


One option for those who claim they simply cannot take that many hours off is to do meditation, which can offer the benefits of hours of deep sleep in just 20-30 minutes.  Meditation has also been shown to the many damaging emotional and physical effects of stress, lowering the incidence and health effects of high blood pressure, heart disease. and even cancer.


  • Take one day off.  With the demands of the modern workplace and so much work being done online and from home offices or mobile locations, it seems we are now expected—or sometimes expect ourselves—to work 365 days a year.  Yet our overall health and our productivity can actually suffer from such workaholic habits:


We need at least one day off to recharge our internal batteries, reconnect with our families and friends, and indulge is some very essential reflection or simply disconnection from the pressures and demands of the regular week.  After all, the Bible says that even God worked for 6 days and then rested on the 7th—shouldn’t we, then?

  • Avoid processed foods and drinks.  Easier said than done for most of us.  We all enjoy the occasional less-than-healthy food choice, whether it be candy, soft drinks, or chips.  The point is that these foods can trigger an unhealthy cycle of blood sugar elevation and energy crash that has led to the epidemics of obesity and diabetes in this and other countries around the world.  So it’s best to approach treat foods with caution and eat them only occasionally, especially if you find yourself craving them more and more.
  • Eat local, eat fresh.  A diet that includes at least 5-6 portions of fresh vegetables and fruits each day is a simple key to achieving and maintaining health and energy.  All of Borner’s kitchen tools are designed to help you prepare your fresh local produce in the quickest, safe, and healthiest way, enabling your body to enjoy the full nutritional benefits of these foods.  See our full line of innovative kitchen devices at:

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