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Crispymaker Set with Borner slice cutter and Safety Food Holder


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Product number: DV24012
Product information "Crispymaker Set with Borner slice cutter and Safety Food Holder"

Crisp, homemade chips are often hard to produce and never succeed in the oven as you want them to be.

This is now over!

With this practical original Borner set you get your own small manufactory for home-made chips.

First cut the potatoes, carrots or other vegetables and fruits with the Borner Slicer in thin slices. With the help of the supplied fruit holder, you can cut to the last piece without hurting or blasting.

Then place the cut vegetables or fruit on the crispymaker. To ensure uniformly crisp chips, the slices should not overlie.

After a few minutes in the microwave you get crisp, fresh home-made-style chips.

The set consists of:

  • Slice Cutter DesignLine
  • Food Safety Holder
  • 2 Borner Crispymaker

The set is available in orange, white, and purple.

All materials used are harmless to foodstuffs and free of bisphenol A (BPA), as well as plasticisers.

Borner vegetable slicer V5 PowerLine - Plus Set
The new edition of the original Borner V-slicer, the V5 Powerline enables you to work even more safely, precisely, and quickly than ever before. The 3 adjustable inserts offer a range of cutting options: slices and julienne sticks in four different thicknesses, and cubes either diced or finely minced, for a total of ten different cutting options. Here's how it works: to release the V-slicer from its blade-protection setting, push the black button on the side of the slicer and pull back the slicing insert until it aligns with the arrows on the side. This is the thickest slicing position. Light pressure forward advances the insert to one of the 3 thinner slicing positions, each confirmed by a clicking sound. The final position forward returns the V-slicer to the blade-protection setting, where the blades are visibly covered and cutting is impossible. This setting should always be used when finished working with the V-slicer, for the safety of children and adults alike. The button release mechanism insures an even higher level of safety for you and your family. To change inserts from slicer to julienne or cubing, press the release button and pull the slicing insert back to the point where its arrows align with the arrows on the side of the slicer body; then simply lift out one insert, align the new insert's arrows with the side arrows, and press straight down to lock. You will also receive an original Borner Combi Peeler - for free! The original Borner garnish peeler allows you to peel and garnish potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, aubergines, zucchini and much more. Cut out apples and decorate your fruit in an impressive way that your guests will love. After use, simple clean under running water.  

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Borner Slicer V3 TrendLine Pro Set
The Borner V3 TrendLine Pro Set in its attractive design includes everything that the cook’s heart desires. This 8-piece set takes up minimal space in your kitchen. The included docking station is an ideal home for your slicer, food safety holder, insert box and two inserts and allows for space saving storage, even in the smallest kitchen. Cut fine and coarse vegetable sticks or strips with the 3.5mm and 7 mm inserts. The Borner V3 is also an ideal potato- and onion cutter that achieves excellent results. Cut cubes by making a straight cut first and then turning the food holder by 90°. Cut thin and thick slices with the included slice insert. Always use the enclosed food holder to protect your fingers from the sharp Borner blades. It is compatible with all Borner V-slicers and graters. The inner bars hold the vegetable when slicing and grating. Process your fruit and vegetables with leaving minimal waste. Also comes with a safety insert. Always insert this device after using the V3 to protect the blades and reduce the risk of injury. The set consists of: Borner V3 TrendLine Safety insert Slice insert 3,5mm blade insert 7 mm blade insert insert box docking station food holder Available in orange and white All dyes used in Borner products are food safe. The plastics are BPA-free and contain no softening agents. 

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Borner Multi Peeler 3-piece set
simply. quick. healthy. These are the principles of Borner. We want to give you the right tools to promote a healthy diet. Like our new kitchen helpers. We have developed a handle that allows you to use different attachments - depending on what you need. This set consists of the high-quality handle, which is suitable for right and left-handed people, as well as the two attachments. On the one hand, this is a vegetable peeler with a high-quality serrated blade and on the other hand, the set of 3 includes a julienne-attachment, which quickly produces delicious vegetable pasta. So, you can peel potatoes or cut delicious julienne strips. In addition, the peeler is particularly practical because of its handy and small form. So, it can be stowed away well and find space even in the smallest kitchens. We want you to be convinced of our products and this is why we deliver only the best quality - the handle is made of high-quality plastic and the blades of the peelers are made of reliable stainless steel. The vegetable peelers are multifunctional - peel, garnish, decorate with just one tool.

Borner Combi Chef Four-in-One
The four in one grating device from Borner - the original straight from the manufacturer. Ideal for slicing, grating and the preparation of coarse foods and Swiss Rosti. The integrated bowl catches the cut materials without leaving any spills. With safety food holder! This is a must for every kitchen. Create fast and healthy meals made from fresh fruit and vegetables. The sharp polished two-way blades cut accurate slices, fine Julienne strips, the coarse grater is ideal for hash browns and Swiss Rosti. The integrated bowl catches the cut materials without leaving any spills. Simply clean the Combi Chef under running water and your kitchen will be spotless. The Combi Chef is not only a practical helper but also a great decorative piece for your kitchen.