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Borner Slicer V3 TrendLine Pro Set


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Product number: TW31130
Product information "Borner Slicer V3 TrendLine Pro Set"

The Borner V3 TrendLine Pro Set in its attractive design includes everything that the cook’s heart desires. This 8-piece set takes up minimal space in your kitchen. The included docking station is an ideal home for your slicer, food safety holder, insert box and two inserts and allows for space saving storage, even in the smallest kitchen. Cut fine and coarse vegetable sticks or strips with the 3.5mm and 7 mm inserts. The Borner V3 is also an ideal potato- and onion cutter that achieves excellent results. Cut cubes by making a straight cut first and then turning the food holder by 90°.

Cut thin and thick slices with the included slice insert. Always use the enclosed food holder to protect your fingers from the sharp Borner blades. It is compatible with all Borner V-slicers and graters. The inner bars hold the vegetable when slicing and grating. Process your fruit and vegetables with leaving minimal waste.

Also comes with a safety insert. Always insert this device after using the V3 to protect the blades and reduce the risk of injury.

The set consists of:

  • Borner V3 TrendLine
  • Safety insert
  • Slice insert
  • 3,5mm blade insert
  • 7 mm blade insert
  • insert box
  • docking station
  • food holder
  • Available in orange and white

All dyes used in Borner products are food safe. The plastics are BPA-free and contain no softening agents. 

Model: V3 TrendLine
Schieberbox für V1 und V3 mit 1,6 mm und 10 mm Einschüben
Juliennestreifen und Pommesstifte schneiden Die zwei zusätzlichen Einschübe für den original Börner V-Hobel V6 Exclusive ermöglichen Ihnen eine ungeahnte Vielfalt beim Zubereiten von Obst und Gemüse. Mit dem original Börner 1,6 mm-Messereinsatz schneiden Sie sehr feine Julienne-Streifen aus festem Obst und Gemüse sowie mit vorherigem Einschneiden schöne kleine Würfel.Mit dem 10 mm Messereinsatz schneiden Sie sehr grobe Stifte für Pommes frites und durch Einschneiden Würfel für z. B. Suppen und Eintöpfe aus festem Obst und Gemüse. Die Messereinschübe befinden sich zur sicheren Aufbewahrung in der praktischen Börner Schieberbox. Neben den beiden mitgelieferten Messereinschüben finden auch der Scheibeneinschub noch Platz in der praktischen Box. Produktdaten: Zubehörteil zu V-Hobel V1 ClassicLine und V3 TrendLine Messereinschübe 1,6 mm und 10 mm mit original Börner Edelstahlklingen Erhältlich in den Farben weiß und orange frei von Weichmachern und BPA Die Schieberbox mit 1,6mm und 10mm Einschub für den V6 ExclusiveLine finden Sie hier.

Borner Slicer V6 ExclusiveLine Pro Set
Stainless steel in its purest form. For fans of the V3 vegetable slicer that are looking for something classier, we offer the V6 stainless steel version with the exact same functions that come with the plastic version. Take your pick from the included inserts to obtain various cutting options. Cut thin and thick slices with the slice insert.  The additional blades on the 3.5mm and 7mm inserts make it possible to cut sticks, Julienne strips or even cubes in 4 different sizes. After slicing, simply swap the inserts for the safety insert to protect the sharp blades. We strongly recommend the use of the Safety Food Holder to protect your fingers from the stainless-steel blades. The included docking station makes for an ideal and space-saving storage place for your Borner V6. It provides space for the slicer, insert box with blade inserts and the food safety holder. A perfect home for your Borner slicer and accessories. This set consists of: Borner V6 ExclusiveLine Safety insert Slice insert 3.5mm blade insert 7mm blade insert Insert box Docking station Food safety holder All materials that we use are food-safe, BPA-free and contain no softening agents

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Collection Tray TrendLine V3
The original Collection Tray especially developed for the V-slicer V3 TrendLine guarantees a perfect fit for the slicer. Once collected, salads can be created directly in the tray. The material is oil and vinegar resistant and can be cleaned easily. After use just rinse under running water.  Product specifications: drip tray as original Borner accessory part functional fit for the V-slicer V3 TrendLine oil and vinegar resistant easy to use and clean Available in orange and white

Borner Blade Insert 4,5mm – accessory to Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine
This Borner slicer accessory allows for the cutting of 4,5mm sticks for raw salads or Asian cuisine. Cut carrots, leek, zucchini and even paprika strips for a colorful plate of vegetables.