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Borner Slicer V1 ClassicLine Pro Set


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Product number: V115001

The classic vegetable slicer

With our V-slicer professional set, no cutting wishes remain unfulfilled in the kitchen. In addition to the V-slicer, the set includes the slide box in which you can safely store the blade inserts, as well as the docking station with which you always have your slicer at hand.

The different inserts also allow you to cut in different thicknesses. Whether thick, medium or thin - the professional set provides you with everything you need. For this reason, you also receive two additional knife inserts. The 3.5 mm blade insert makes it easier to cut fine julienne strips from raw vegetables. You can also easily prepare cubes by cutting into them beforehand. With the 7 mm blade insert, you can easily cut wide strips of vegetables or potatoes to make your own French fries. You get coarse and fine sticks in no time thanks to the micro-fine ground stainless steel blades. Therefore, we recommend the safety fruit holder for use, with which you always protect your fingers from the sharp Börner blades. It also allows you to use up all but a few millimetres of the fruit.

Prepare the ingredients for your healthy meals quickly and without electricity. Whether healthy casseroles, soups, gratins, salads or other dishes.

  • V-slicer: 36cm x 12cm x 3cm
  • Fruit holder: 15cm x 11,5cm x 6cm
  • Slices and safety insert: 21,5 x 9,7cm x1cm
  • 3.5mm and 7mm inserts: 21.5cm x 9.7cm x 1.5cm
  • Docking station: 17cm x 10cm x 5cm
  • insert box: 21cm x 11,5cm x 5,5cm
Technical data:
  • Slices in 3 different cutting thicknesses
  • Sticks and strips in 2 different sizes
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Free from softeners and harmful substances
  • Micro-fine ground stainless steel blades
  • Components of the Börner V1 ClassicLine vegetable slicer professional set
  • V1 ClassicLine potato slicer
  • Safety insert
  • Slice insert
  • 3,5mm knife insert
  • 7mm knife insert
  • Safety fruit holder
  • Docking station
  • Slider box
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Model: V1 ClassicLine
Borner Insert Box for V1 and V3 with 1.6mm and 10mm Inserts
Cut julienne strips and French fries. The two additional inserts for the original Börner V-Slicer V6 Exclusive give you unimagined variety when preparing fruit and vegetables. With the original Börner 1.6 mm blade insert, you can cut very fine julienne strips from firm fruit and vegetables as well as beautiful small cubes with prior cutting. With the 10 mm blade insert, you can cut very coarse sticks for French fries and, by cutting in, dice for e.g. soups and stews from firm fruit and vegetables. The knife inserts are in the practical Börner slider box for safe storage. In addition to the two supplied knife inserts, there is also room for the slice insert in the practical box. Product data: Accessory part for V-planer V1 ClassicLine and V3 TrendLine. blade inserts 1.6 mm and 10 mm with original Börner stainless steel blades Available in white and orange free of plasticisers and BPA The slider box with 1.6mm and 10mm insert for the V6 ExclusiveLine can be found here.

Borner Blade Insert 1,6mm – accessory to Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine
With the 1.6 mm blade insert as an accessory for the V slicer V3 TrendLine, V1 ClassicLine and V6 ExclusiveLine, you can cut very fine julienne strips from firm fruit and vegetables. You can also easily cut the vegetables or fruit into cubes by cutting into them first. This function is ideal for cutting diced onions, for example. For safe storage of the knife inserts, we recommend the practical slider box. Simply clean under running water after use. Please note whether the accessories are suitable for your slicer!

Borner Safety Insert – accessory to Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine
Two in one – child lock and medium cutting strength in one insert. Protect your fingers from the sharp Börner blades when you store your slicer away. The Safety Insert is compatible with Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine Slicers. When you turn your safety insert, you’ll get an additional cutting strength of approximately 4mm for slices. A perfect addition to the Borner Slice Insert.

Borner Safety Food Holder
Safety comes first Börner is known for its sharp blades. Therefore, we also want to protect your hands. With the safety fruit holder, safe and fast work is ensured because the finger cover safely protects against the blades. In addition, the fruit holder makes it possible for you to grate fruit and vegetables down to the last bit without it becoming dangerous. So less is wasted. We recommend using the safety fruit holder with all our graters and slicers, as this is the only way to work safely. Measurements: Fruit holder: 15cmx11.5cmx6cm Technical data: Suitable for all Börner V-planes and graters. Functional shape - it fits perfectly in the hand Internal rods hold the cut material during slicing and grating Process fruits and vegetables down to a minimal residue Oil and vinegar resistant Easy to use and clean Free from plasticisers and BPA