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Borner Slice Insert – accessory to Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine


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Product number: TS33031

Thick or thin slices of 2mm or 5,5mm according to your taste. Cucumbers, carrots, zucchini. Not a problem for the sharp Börner blades. Simply adjust the height of your slice insert by turning it around. Cutting slices has never been easier and faster.

Model: V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine, V6 ExclusiveLine
Borner Multi Peeler 3-piece set
simply. quick. healthy. These are the principles of Borner. We want to give you the right tools to promote a healthy diet. Like our new kitchen helpers. We have developed a handle that allows you to use different attachments - depending on what you need. This set consists of the high-quality handle, which is suitable for right and left-handed people, as well as the two attachments. On the one hand, this is a vegetable peeler with a high-quality serrated blade and on the other hand, the set of 3 includes a julienne-attachment, which quickly produces delicious vegetable pasta. So, you can peel potatoes or cut delicious julienne strips. In addition, the peeler is particularly practical because of its handy and small form. So, it can be stowed away well and find space even in the smallest kitchens. We want you to be convinced of our products and this is why we deliver only the best quality - the handle is made of high-quality plastic and the blades of the peelers are made of reliable stainless steel. The vegetable peelers are multifunctional - peel, garnish, decorate with just one tool.Measurements: Multi Peeler: 17cm x 7cm x 3cm Handle: 11,5cm x 3cm x 2cm Y-attachment: 14cm x 7cm x 2,5cm Stick attachment: 9,5cm x 4,5cm x 2cm Technical data: Handle compatible with various attachments High-quality corrugated blade made of stainless steel Robust peeler with stainless steel blade Functional shape Easy to use and clean Suitable for left- and right-handers Free from plasticisers and BPA

10mm insert – accessory for Borner V5 PowerLine
When purchasing the original Borner V5 PowerLine you get a safety insert as well as a 3.5mm and s 7mm blade insert for cutting Julienne strips and sticks as standard. This additional blade insert with a 10mm cutting width allows for slicing extra wide sticks. Create delicious French fries in a matter of minutes. Perfectly suitable for the fast chopping of vegetables such as kohlrabi and healthy sticks for dipping in herb fresh cheese and as a snack in addition to packed lunches. This accessory is available in matching colors for the V5 PowerLine: red, orange, green, white and purple.

Borner Blade Insert 1,6mm – accessory to Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine
With the 1.6 mm blade insert as an accessory for the V slicer V3 TrendLine, V1 ClassicLine and V6 ExclusiveLine, you can cut very fine julienne strips from firm fruit and vegetables. You can also easily cut the vegetables or fruit into cubes by cutting into them first. This function is ideal for cutting diced onions, for example. For safe storage of the knife inserts, we recommend the practical slider box. Simply clean under running water after use. Please note whether the accessories are suitable for your slicer!

Borner Blade Insert 4,5mm – accessory to Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3 TrendLine and V6 ExclusiveLine
Turn your slicer into the ideal cutter for Asian pans Do you already have a V1, V3 or V3 vegetable slicer? Then this insert is the ideal addition to cut thin strips with a thickness of 4.5 mm. This insert is particularly suitable as a strip cutter for e.g. Asian pans. If you want to cut cubes, you only need to cut the vegetables or fruit before slicing. You can find more inserts for the V1, V3 and V6 here.