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Borner Slice Cutter DesignLine


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Product number: DO22040

The slicer for quick salads and vegetables

Fresh salads, crisp vegetable garnishes or delicious carpaccio are effortless with our DesignLine slicer. As a cucumber slicer, the cutter is ideal for crisp salads. Because with it, preparing cucumbers, radishes, carrots, leeks, onions or other ingredients is fun.

Slicing into fine or even wafer-thin slices goes smoothly and quickly, so that even the small meal in between is a real vital kick with enjoyment factor.

Preparing delicious meals for the whole family is also made very easy with the DesignLine slicer. With the slicer, you can cut both in forward and reverse motion thanks to the double blade, doubling the speed. Especially with large quantities, this is a super relief.

Simply rinse under water after use.

As an accessory, we recommend our safety safety-holder, so that your fingers are protected from the sharp stainless steel blades of the cucumber slicer.


  • Grater: 32.3cm x 12.5cm x 3cm

Technical data:

  • Without safety-holder
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Free from plasticisers and harmful substances
  • Microfine-ground serrated blades

Crispymaker Set with Borner slice cutter and Safety Food Holder
Crisp, homemade chips are often hard to produce and never succeed in the oven as you want them to be. This is now over! With this practical original Borner set you get your own small manufactory for home-made chips. First cut the potatoes, carrots or other vegetables and fruits with the Borner Slicer in thin slices. With the help of the supplied fruit holder, you can cut to the last piece without hurting or blasting. Then place the cut vegetables or fruit on the crispymaker. To ensure uniformly crisp chips, the slices should not overlie. After a few minutes in the microwave you get crisp, fresh home-made-style chips. The set consists of: Slice Cutter DesignLine Food Safety Holder 2 Borner Crispymaker The set is available in orange, white, and purple. All materials used are harmless to foodstuffs and free of bisphenol A (BPA), as well as plasticisers.

€42.90* €48.70* (11.91% saved)
Borner vegetable slicer V5 PowerLine - Plus Set
The kitchen slicer that can do everything!The Börner V5 kitchen slicer is the perfect solution for fast and versatile processing of fruit and vegetables into slices, strips, cubes and more. With this high-quality slicer set, you can cut in 8 different ways. Dishes such as tomato carpaccio as well as potato gratin can be prepared in no time thanks to the height-adjustable inserts. Whether thin or thick slices, with the V5 kitchen slicer you are well equipped for every need. Even cubes and sticks that you want to use as ingredients in soups, rice pans or to refine salads can be cut easily & quickly. Thanks to the 3.5 mm and 7 mm blade inserts that you get with the professional set, coarse and fine cubes or sticks are prepared in no time. The slicer is the ideal kitchen tool for preparing salads, soups, vegetable lasagne and much more. The special feature of the V5 is that it is the only slicer that allows you to cut cubes without first cutting into the vegetables! To clean the slicer, simply run it under running water and then let it drain. To do this, cover the blades with the help of the child safety lock, so that your fingers are also protected from the micro-fine ground and high-quality blades. Börner stands out for the best quality, our products are food safe, free from BPA, softeners and harmful substances. This allows you to work with our kitchen gadgets without hesitation. Prepare delicious and healthy meals for friends and family without worry. Measurements:V-slicer: 38cm x 15cm x 5.5cm Safety-holder: 15cm x 11,5cm x 6cm Slices and safety insert: 23,5cm x 9,7cm x 2cm 3,5mm slide-in: 22cm x 9,7cm x 2cm 7mm slide-in: 22cm x 9,7cm x 2,5cm Sliding box: 18cm x 10,5cm x 6cm Docking station: 17cm x 10cm x 5cm Technical data: Slices in 4 different cutting thicknesses Sticks and cubes in 4 different sizes With ergonomic handle With non-slip rubber feet BPA-free plastic Free from softeners and harmful substances Micro-fine ground stainless steel blades Components of the Börner V5 PowerLine kitchen slicer professional set Börner V5 PowerLine kitchen slicer Safety insert Slice inserts Safety-holder Slider box Docking station

€62.90* €84.50* (25.56% saved)
Borner Wave-Waffle Cutter Powerline - food holder included
crinkle-cut fries, waffle fries and much more in no time at all. With the original Börner Wave Waffle PowerLine, you can easily and quickly cut fruit and vegetables into wave and waffle shapes in three different thicknesses. The popular Börner wave cutter is ideal for preparing delicious waffle fries or crinkle-cut fries. In addition, the fancy look brings variety to your plate. The wave cutter is especially interesting for families with children. Due to the fancy shape, apples, carrots and much more can be prepared as particularly attractive side dishes in a wave or waffle cut, which will also convince your children of healthy food. The integrated child safety lock protects fingers from injury. This set also includes the Börner safety fruit holder. This fits as an accessory on all Börner V-slicers and graters, fits perfectly in the hand and protects fingers from the sharp Börner blades. You want to conjure up fruit and vegetables in extra thick wave cut or waffle cut? Then we recommend the Börner wave waffle XXL PowerLine. Measurements: Wave cutter: 33.7cm x 13cm x 3.7cm Safety-holder: 15cm x 11,5cm x 6cm Technical data: Set including Safety-holder 3 different cutting options possible Cutting wave 7,5 mm Cutting without insertion 12,3 mm Cutting waffle 6mm Ergonomic handle BPA-free plastic Free of softeners and harmful substances Microfine ground stainless steel blades.

€26.90* €29.80* (9.73% saved)
Borner Curly DesignLine
The strip cutter for delicious vegetable pans With the Börner Curly strip cutter, you can easily produce flat, approx. 1 cm wide and slightly curled strips. Use them for Asian vegetable pans, crinkle-cut fries or salads or as decorative elements for cold platters. You can also use the strip cutter to cut delicious fruit or vegetable chips. For this, the Curly is great in combination with the Crispymaker. The wave grater is suitable for all kinds of vegetables and fruit. The wavy blade gives the vegetable strips an even better and fancier appearance. You can also use it to garnish vegetable or raw vegetable platters. The curly grater from Börner is a super kitchen helper. It saves a lot of time and makes cutting vegetables super easy! Measurements: Grater: 32.3cm x 12.5cm x 3cmTechnical data:Without safety-holder BPA-free plastic Free from plasticisers and harmful substances Micro-fine ground stainless steel blades