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Borner Cheesemaker


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Product number: BS20202
Product information "Borner Cheesemaker"

Make your own cheese with as little effort as possible from the comfort of your home – easy, quick and healthy. The Borner cheesemaker allows you to create your own cheese variations according to your taste.

Cheese is a treat – especially if just spread on bread. It’s just as suitable to be used as a spread under honey or marmalade as well as a dip, for scalloping and as a filling for antipasti.

Cheese is rich in important nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, E, D and K and at the same time it is also low in fat. In comparison to store-bought cheese, homemade cheese contains no preservatives, thickeners, colorants and flavor enhancers. Homemade cheese is a natural product, which can be varied according to your own taste.

But how can you make your own cheese? It’s really easy. The original Borner recipe asks for milk (cow’s, sheep’s, goat, lactose-free, soy or almond milk), a microwave or a commercially available pot and a coagulant, such as lemon juice or vinegar. First the milk is heated before adding the coagulant to clot it and afterwards poured into the Borner Cheesemaker. The Borner Multimaker is the ideal companion for that! And that’s it really! 

Of course, you can add additional ingredients, such as herbs or spices, to create your own taste. Either you enjoy the cheese when it’s still warm after it has been poured or you place it in the fridge to intensify the taste and consolidate the consistency.

The Borner Cheesemaker consists of a high-quality strainer of resistant BPA-free plastic. You will also receive a custom-fit plate, which serves as a drip aid for liquids. The plate can also be used to serve the cheese. The strainer as well as the plate of the Cheesemaker can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Avoid using aggressive cleaners or abrasives.

Our tip:

Whey is a very healthy product. It consists of up to 94% water, up to 4-5% lactose and is nearly fat-free. Additionally, it contains lactic acid, which is consists of vitamins B1, B2 (which is responsible for the green-ish color) and B6 as well as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and other mineral nutrients but above all 0.6-1% whey protein. If you like, you can collect whey in a container and drink it.

Borner Multimaker - full-color: Bowl with keep-fresh lid, sieve and Multiplate
"Made in Germany" - We have another innovation for the quick and simple preparation of healthy food and serving and storing it in a bowl. Besides the Multimaker, this set also contains a drainer for fluids, the already well-established Multiplate for integrating the slicers as well as a keep-fresh lid for more freshness in your kitchen. The Multimaker consists of high-quality, scratch resistant plastic. That makes it the ideal bowl for preparing fresh and healthy dishes and the decorative design allows you to also conveniently use it for serving food. Just put your Borner Multiplate on the Multimaker and place your V5 PowerLine or any other grater from the PowerLine series and start slicing salad, cucumbers, potatoes and other fruits directly into the bowl and keep your kitchen clean. The Multiplate lock as well as the slip-resistant rubber base aid in the safe usage of the slicers. The integrated sieve allows to drain water of fresh washed fruit and vegetables like tomatoes, berries and salad. Serve your friends and family fresh fruits in a break-proof bowl. Also, use the lid to keep your food fresh. So, you will always have a healthy snack or components of a healthy meal at your disposal. The Multimaker is also suitable for microwaves, making it easy to prepare warm dishes or tasty remains from dinner. Additionally, the Multimaker is also safe to put in the freezer for storing fresh products. Therefore, you can also have fresh berries for smoothies and fresh vegetable available in the winter. For easy cleaning just put the Multimaker along with the lid into the dishwasher. The Borner Multimaker is available in orange, white, red, green and purple. Get this practical kitchen accessory as a perfect complement to your V5 PowerLine. The tinted version of the Multimaker is a practical and at the same time decorative addition to your kitchen. The color serves as an eye-catcher on every table.  

Borner Slicer V6 ExclusiveLine Pro Set
Stainless steel in its purest form. For fans of the V3 vegetable slicer that are looking for something classier, we offer the V6 stainless steel version with the exact same functions that come with the plastic version. Take your pick from the included inserts to obtain various cutting options. Cut thin and thick slices with the slice insert.  The additional blades on the 3.5mm and 7mm inserts make it possible to cut sticks, Julienne strips or even cubes in 4 different sizes. After slicing, simply swap the inserts for the safety insert to protect the sharp blades. We strongly recommend the use of the Safety Food Holder to protect your fingers from the stainless-steel blades. The included docking station makes for an ideal and space-saving storage place for your Borner V6. It provides space for the slicer, insert box with blade inserts and the food safety holder. A perfect home for your Borner slicer and accessories. This set consists of: Borner V6 ExclusiveLine Safety insert Slice insert 3.5mm blade insert 7mm blade insert Insert box Docking station Food safety holder All materials that we use are food-safe, BPA-free and contain no softening agents

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Borner Grater PowerLine - food holder included
The original Borner Grater PowerLine with double side grates fine and coarse materials. It is ideal for grating vegetables, cheese, chocolate, citrus fruit peelings, carrots, radish or apples and much more. A practical helper when it comes to preparing your meals. After use simply clean under running water. Product specifications: Available in red, orange, green, purple and white durable, strong construction useable on both sides - one side for fine, one for coarse wide and large grating area easy and efficient to use The Food Safety Holder is included

Borner Grater and Waffle Cutter Powerline - food holder included
The Wave-Waffle Cutter PowerLine makes waffle and wave cuts in two different thicknesses. Ideal for firm vegetables and fruits, creating decorative and attractive designs and garnishes. Children love the waffle and wave shapes, even those who do not regularly eat many vegetables. We recommend using the Food Safety Holder with the PowerLine Wave-Waffle Cutter. To clean, rinse briefly under running water. The original Borner Grater PowerLine with double side grates fine and coarse materials. It is ideal for grating vegetables, cheese, chocolate, citrus fruit peelings, carrots, radish or apples and much more. A practical helper when it comes to preparing your meals. Product Features: Available in red, orange, green, white and purple. three different cutting thicknesses patented, original Borner blades easy and efficient to use The Food Safety Holder is included!  

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