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Börner Vitaminactivator Set mit Dressings Börner Vitaminactivator Set mit Dressings
Börner präsentiert die Weltneuheit! Vitamintabletten adé; jetzt werden Salate zubereitet! Börner entwickelt für Sie den ersten Hobel, der nicht nur Gemüse und Früchte schneidet, sondern auch in der gleichen Bewegung unsere Fit & Fresh...
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Börner Garlic Press - Mr Garlic Börner Garlic Press - Mr Garlic
Your meal still needs an extra kick? Then give your meal that certain something with the Borner garlic press. Mr Garlic helps when you need him! Garlic is known for its deliciously spicy taste und this is exactly why it is ideal for...
€14.90 * €19.90 *
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Borner fit & fresh Dressing Borner fit & fresh Dressing
Börner has developed an absolute novelty! Your health is important to us and therefore we have developed some tasty and above all healthy dressings that will allow you to quickly refine your salads. The dressings are available in three...
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Borner Cheesemaker Borner Cheesemaker
Make your own cheese with as little effort as possible from the comfort of your home – easy, quick and healthy. The Borner cheesemaker allows you to create your own cheese variations according to your taste. Cheese is a treat –...
€29.90 *
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Chipsmaker Set with Borner slice cutter and Safety Food Holder Chipsmaker Set with Borner slice cutter and...
Crisp, homemade chips are often hard to produce and never succeed in the oven as you want them to be. This is now over! With this practical original Borner set you get your own small manufactory for home-made chips. First cut the...
€39.90 * €48.70 *
Borner can and jar opener Borner can and jar opener
Open your cans and jars in an instant using the original Borner multi tool. Combines 3 functions in one gadget. Put the opener on the rim of the can and turn the rotary handle backwards. To loosen, turn the rotary handle backwards...
€11.90 *
Borner vegetable slicer V5 PowerLine - Plus Set Borner vegetable slicer V5 PowerLine - Plus Set
The new edition of the original Borner V-slicer, the V5 Powerline enables you to work even more safely, precisely, and quickly than ever before. The 3 adjustable inserts offer a range of cutting options: slices and julienne sticks in...
€56.90 * €75.90 *
Borner Slicer V5 PowerLine Basic Set Borner Slicer V5 PowerLine Basic Set
The Borner V5 PowerLine vegetable slicer is the ideal tool for the fast, precise and safe preparation of fruits and vegetables. The height adjusting slice insert enables you to cut various fruits and vegetables into even slices and four...
€39.90 *
Borner Slicer V5 PowerLine Starter Set Borner Slicer V5 PowerLine Starter Set
You will love our V5 PowerLine kitchen slicer. Unbeatable in speed and precison when preparing slices, sticks, strips and cubes from fresh vegetables & fruit. At the same time safe to use and easy on your fingers thanks to the included...
€54.90 * €66.60 *
Borner V5 PowerLine Expert Set Borner V5 PowerLine Expert Set
The Borner V5 Power slicer enables your to work more safely, precisely and quickly than ever before! The height adjustable inserts offer a total of 10 different cutting options for every need. Cut slices in four thicknesses, sticks and...
€59.90 * €75.60 *
Borner Multimaker - full-color: Bowl with keep-fresh lid, sieve and Multiplate Borner Multimaker - full-color: Bowl with...
"Made in Germany" - We have another innovation for the quick and simple preparation of healthy food and serving and storing it in a bowl. Besides the Multimaker, this set also contains a drainer for fluids, the already well-established...
€29.90 *
Borner Chipsmaker 1-piece set Borner Chipsmaker 1-piece set
Delicious, homemade chips that are completely fat-free? This is now possible in a matter of minutes with the Borner chipsmaker. Prepare crispy chips or healthy vegetable chips without fat and unhealthy additives. Wash and peel potatoes...
€14.90 *
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