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Blade insert 3,5mm for Borner V5 PowerLine


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Product number: V559049
Product information "Blade insert 3,5mm for Borner V5 PowerLine"

The 3.5mm insert is height-adjustable and enables you to process fruit and vegetables in two steps. This insert is only suitable for the V5 Power slicer. You have the option to order the insert separately.

Using the first position you can cut 3.5mm strips and small cubes. Using the other position of the insert you can cut very fine strips (approx. 3,5mm x 1,5mm) or small cubes.

When preparing the fruit, it needs to be turned 90° after each step – this makes the preparation of bouillons and filigree salads very easy.

Model: V5 PowerLine
10mm insert – accessory for Borner V5 PowerLine
When purchasing the original Borner V5 PowerLine you get a safety insert as well as a 3.5mm and s 7mm blade insert for cutting Julienne strips and sticks as standard. This additional blade insert with a 10mm cutting width allows for slicing extra wide sticks. Create delicious French fries in a matter of minutes. Perfectly suitable for the fast chopping of vegetables such as kohlrabi and healthy sticks for dipping in herb fresh cheese and as a snack in addition to packed lunches. This accessory is available in matching colors for the V5 PowerLine: red, orange, green, white and purple.

Blade insert 7mm for Borner V5 PowerLine
The 7mm insert is height-adjustable and enables you to process fruit and vegetables in two steps. This insert is only suitable for the V5 Power slicer. Here you have the option to order the insert separately. With the first position using the 7mm insert you can cut 7 x 7 mm strips and cubes (do not forget to gash the fruit). Using the second position you can cut thinner strips and by moving the fruit slightly cut approx. 7 x 3,5mm cubes. The insert is recommended for soups, stir-fries and rustic salads.

Borner Safety Food Holder
The Borner Safety Food Holder comes as an accessory for all original Borner V-slicers and graters. It fits securely and protects your fingers from the sharp Borner blades. The inner bars hold the cut material when slicing and grating. Process your fruit and vegetables with leaving little waste. At the same time protect your fingers from injuries from the sharp blades. After use simply clean under running water. Product specifications: Safety Food Holder for protection as original Borner accessory functional form - steel bars hold the fruit oil- and vinegar resistant easy to use and clean

Borner Roko PowerLine - food holder included
The Borner Roko PowerLine Julienne Slicer enables you to cut fruit and vegetables into fine, uniform Julienne strips. The Roko Slicer cuts carrots, celery, turnips, cabbage, parsnips, and more. Hard cheese or even chocolate emerge in beautiful strips. You can process large quantities in a very short time due to the rows of blades polished on both sides. To clean, simply hold briefly under running water. The Food Safety Holder is included! Simple, quick and healthy! Product specifications: Durable, sturdy construction Easy and efficient to use

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