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Borner Grater-Set PowerLine


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Crispy raw vegetable salads, crunchy potato rosti, delicious French fries in wave cut or chocolate flakes for delightful cakes: The Grater-Set PowerLine provides an adequate solution for appetizers, main dishes or desserts.

The Roko allows you to cut your vegetable into fine Julienne strips for tasty carrot salads or crispy kohlrabi. Healthy salads and other crudités will be made in no time with this practical grater. Briefly roasted Julienne strips are an ideal topping for green salad or a healthy soup garnish.

With the help of the Borner Rosti you can create perfect Swiss rosti or potato pancakes, made of raw or cooked potatoes, in a flash. Serve your friends and family oven-baked potato fries with delicious applesauce or stewed fruit as a hearty but low-fat main course.

Cut your cucumbers or carrots into stylish spiral forms and make side salads to a main highlight with the Borner Wave-Waffle Cutter. Also crispy French fries in wave cut or grid pattern are made in a matter of seconds when using this grater.

The Grater PowerLine offers you a coarse as well as a fine side. Use it to grate everything from chocolate to cheese for your pizza or pasta, no matter coarse or fine. You can also grate hard fruit or vegetable for delicious crudités recipes. Or use the grater to give your meals a new touch with freshly grated lemon peels.

The set also contains a Food Safety Holder. Use the holder whenever you are working with Borner graters to keep your fingers safe from the extremely sharp Borner blades.

Every product is made of BPA-free, food-safe synthetic material without plasticizers. After use, simply clean them under running water and they are ready for the next usage.


  • Roko: 33.7cm x 13cm x 3.7cm
  • Rösti: 34cm x 13cm x 3,7cm x 3,7cm
  • Wave waffle:33,7cm x 13cm x 3,7cm
  • Grater: 34cm x 13cm x 3,7cm