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Borner Roko PowerLine - food holder included


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Product number: 5W51091

The julienne cutter for the quick preparation of raw vegetable strips.

With the original Börner Roko grater you can cut fruit and vegetables into fine thin julienne strips. Our Julienne Cutter cuts root vegetables such as carrots, celery, parsnips or kohlrabi. But also potatoes or cucumbers can be grated and processed into fine julienne strips, e.g. for raw vegetable salads. The rows of blades, ground on both sides, cut large quantities in the shortest possible time, as cutting can be done in both directions. Perfectly suited is the Julienne grater for the preparation of vegetable pans such as wok vegetables. In addition, the Roko Powerline can be ideally used as a zucchini spaghetti cutter and conjure up delicious dishes.

After use, simply clean under running water.

We recommend using the safety fruit holder, as this is the only way to safely protect their fingers from the blades.


  • Julienne grater: 33,7cm x 13cm x 3,7cm
  • Fruit holder: 15cm x 11,5cm x 6cm

Technical data:

  • Set including fruit holder
  • Cutting material 1,5mm
  • Ergonomic handle
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Free of plasticizers and harmful substances
  • Microfine ground stainless steel blades

Borner Multi Slicer Attachment
The handy vegetable slicer attachment for the Multi Handle We think a handy vegetable slicer should be in every kitchen, whether large or small. We have now developed a space-saving solution for this - get to know the Multi Slicer. As part of the Multi handle, you can simply swap your current attachment with the Multi Slicer attachment and cut slices in two different thicknesses. These are ideal for salads, baked vegetables or other delicious vegetable dishes. Thanks to its handy size, the small vegetable slicer not only fits in any drawer, but is also particularly suitable for smaller vegetables such as onions, carrots or even garlic. The integrated rubber feet enable a secure stand on the work surface and thus facilitate handling. We recommend using the safety-holder to ensure safe use. You can find more accessories for the Multi Handle here.

Borner Multi Peeler Serrated Insert
Peeler attachment for the Multi handle Do you already own a product from our Multi range such as the Multi Slicer or Multi Dicer? Then the peeler attachment is the ideal addition. With the practical attachment, your vegetables are peeled in seconds. There is a device on the outside to cut out unwanted brown spots from the vegetables, such as potato eyes. The stick attachment can be easily attached to the handle and interchanged with the other Multi attachments. 100% BPA-free materials for your health: All Börner kitchen gadgets are made of food-safe plastic, TÜV-tested and of the highest quality. Especially when preparing food for your children, you should pay attention to excellent quality. Simply rinse under water after use Discover more accessories for the Multi handle.

Borner Multi Peeler Y-Insert
Quick vegetable noodles with the julienne peeler attachment Thanks to the practical julienne attachment, you can make delicious vegetable noodles from carrots or courgettes. A strip peeler that makes preparing healthy food easier. Simply place the attachment on your Multi handle and get started. Thanks to the easy handling, you will succeed in making delicious vegetable noodles especially quickly. The peeler is also ideal for removing unwanted brown spots in vegetables, such as potato eyes. The eyelet on the edge makes it easy to remove the spots without wasting the vegetables. As a further function, the julienne peeler is suitable as a citrus and orange opener, as there is still a sharp tip on the side for easy opening. Cleaning is super easy as you can simply rinse the peeler under water after use.  Discover even more accessories for the Multi Handle.

Borner vegetable slicer V5 PowerLine - Plus Set
The kitchen slicer that can do everything!The Börner V5 kitchen slicer is the perfect solution for fast and versatile processing of fruit and vegetables into slices, strips, cubes and more. With this high-quality slicer set, you can cut in 8 different ways. Dishes such as tomato carpaccio as well as potato gratin can be prepared in no time thanks to the height-adjustable inserts. Whether thin or thick slices, with the V5 kitchen slicer you are well equipped for every need. Even cubes and sticks that you want to use as ingredients in soups, rice pans or to refine salads can be cut easily & quickly. Thanks to the 3.5 mm and 7 mm blade inserts that you get with the professional set, coarse and fine cubes or sticks are prepared in no time. The slicer is the ideal kitchen tool for preparing salads, soups, vegetable lasagne and much more. The special feature of the V5 is that it is the only slicer that allows you to cut cubes without first cutting into the vegetables! To clean the slicer, simply run it under running water and then let it drain. To do this, cover the blades with the help of the child safety lock, so that your fingers are also protected from the micro-fine ground and high-quality blades. Börner stands out for the best quality, our products are food safe, free from BPA, softeners and harmful substances. This allows you to work with our kitchen gadgets without hesitation. Prepare delicious and healthy meals for friends and family without worry. Measurements:V-slicer: 38cm x 15cm x 5.5cm Safety-holder: 15cm x 11,5cm x 6cm Slices and safety insert: 23,5cm x 9,7cm x 2cm 3,5mm slide-in: 22cm x 9,7cm x 2cm 7mm slide-in: 22cm x 9,7cm x 2,5cm Sliding box: 18cm x 10,5cm x 6cm Docking station: 17cm x 10cm x 5cm Technical data: Slices in 4 different cutting thicknesses Sticks and cubes in 4 different sizes With ergonomic handle With non-slip rubber feet BPA-free plastic Free from softeners and harmful substances Micro-fine ground stainless steel blades Components of the Börner V5 PowerLine kitchen slicer professional set Börner V5 PowerLine kitchen slicer Safety insert Slice inserts Safety-holder Slider box Docking station

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