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10mm insert – accessory for Borner V5 PowerLine


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Product number: V559057
Product information "10mm insert – accessory for Borner V5 PowerLine"

When purchasing the original Borner V5 PowerLine you get a safety insert as well as a 3.5mm and s 7mm blade insert for cutting Julienne strips and sticks as standard. This additional blade insert with a 10mm cutting width allows for slicing extra wide sticks. Create delicious French fries in a matter of minutes. Perfectly suitable for the fast chopping of vegetables such as kohlrabi and healthy sticks for dipping in herb fresh cheese and as a snack in addition to packed lunches.

This accessory is available in matching colors for the V5 PowerLine: red, orange, green, white and purple.

Model: V5 PowerLine
Borner Slicer V5 PowerLine Basic Set
For the ideal processing of fruit and vegetables, you also need a practical kitchen helper, such as this kitchen slicer, with which you can process large quantities of vegetables into fine but also coarse slices within a very short time. The V5 PowerLine slicer manages to cut the finest slices, because the height-adjustable insert makes it easy to vary the thicknesses. Raw food salads or delicious vegetable chips can be produced quickly. Regardless of whether tomatoes, onions or hard vegetables, such as kohlrabi or aubergines - all this is not a problem for the high-performance vegetable slicer. Prepare healthy fruits and vegetables quickly but also precisely - regardless of whether in whole fine or very coarse slices. Let your creativity run wild and discover delicious new recipes, because with the kitchen slicer there are hardly any limits. Rinsed under running water, the kitchen slicer is ready for use again. To do this, slide the window insert to the last setting - this protects your fingers from the sharp blades. In order to guarantee a healthy diet, we only use the best quality in the manufacture of our products. That is why they are free of BPA, plasticizers and pollutants. So, you can prepare your food carefree and effortlessly. Should you ever find that your basic set is not sufficient, you have the option to expand it. You can find items such as additional bays or the docking station in our shop. So, you can expand the vegetable slicer as you wish and get a variety of other functions. Dimensions and technical data Slicer: 38x15cm Food holder: 12.5x15cm BPA-free plastic Free of pollutants and plasticizers Microfine-polished stainless-steel blades

Blade insert 3,5mm for Borner V5 PowerLine
The 3.5mm insert is height-adjustable and enables you to process fruit and vegetables in two steps. This insert is only suitable for the V5 Power slicer. You have the option to order the insert separately. Using the first position you can cut 3.5mm strips and small cubes. Using the other position of the insert you can cut very fine strips (approx. 3,5mm x 1,5mm) or small cubes. When preparing the fruit, it needs to be turned 90° after each step – this makes the preparation of bouillons and filigree salads very easy.

Borner Safety Food Holder
The Borner Safety Food Holder comes as an accessory for all original Borner V-slicers and graters. It fits securely and protects your fingers from the sharp Borner blades. The inner bars hold the cut material when slicing and grating. Process your fruit and vegetables with leaving little waste. At the same time protect your fingers from injuries from the sharp blades. After use simply clean under running water. Product specifications: Safety Food Holder for protection as original Borner accessory functional form - steel bars hold the fruit oil- and vinegar resistant easy to use and clean

Multi Dicer and Julienne Cutter
Only kitchen professionals can cut perfect cubes? That was once! Here comes the next attachment for the Multigrip. Depending on the position of the handle, you have a different function that you can change at will. Use the julienne function to cut delicious julienne strips from, for example, cucumbers, carrots, courgettes or leeks for Asian cuisine or healthy, low-fat soups. The longer the vegetables, the longer the strips will be when you place the vegetables lengthwise on the dicer. This makes it possible to conjure up super long vegetable strips quickly and easily, a real eye-catcher. With the next function, things get exciting: finally cut perfect cubes to take dishes to the next level visually. To do this, place the included rail on the Dicer, insert the vegetables and put the mini fruit holder on top. After each downward cutting movement, turn the fruit holder 90° until you feel it click into place. This way, the sides of the cubes will be exactly the same size. And the best thing about it: Your hand is perfectly protected by your safety fruit holder during the cutting process! This means you can safely dice even the smallest vegetables. Conjure up diced onions, diced cucumbers, diced carrots and much more for delicious bread toppings, soups, stews and baked goods. Like its sister products, the Multi Slicer and Multi Peeler, the Multi Dicer also fits easily in your drawer and saves you space in your kitchen.