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The compact Multi Slicer and Dicer set
Whether slices, strips or cubes, with this multi-slicer set you can cut fruit and vegetables just as you like and also save space in the kitchen.
Cheesemaker und Multimaker Set
Now on sale - 25 % discount! The Multimaker is the perfect addition to make cheese with the Cheesemaker, but also an absolute all-purpose bowl for your kitchen.
The Börner catalogue
Browse through the Börner product world and discover our kitchen gadgets! From vegetable slicers to graters, peelers and co. you will find all products at a glance.


How do we eat healthily? This question has been the cause of discussion for many years already, there are many doctrines and scientific papers that try to answer that exact question. But one thing is certain: 5 handfuls of fruit and veg suffice to supply our body with vitamins, minerals, fibres as well as secondary plant compounds. It is said that two portions of fruit and three portions of vegetables are ideal for the human body.

The intake of fruit and veg boosts our well-being and resistance. Furthermore, you prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, heart and circulatory diseases, cancer and much more.

Start today – true to our motto: Change your life!

A daily intake of 5 handfuls of fruit and veg suffices to support a healthy diet. Just do it and plan enough vitamins in your meals.


Nothing is easier than following a healthy diet if you plan your meals. It saves time and it also makes cooking so much more enjoyable.


Cravings are not unknown to us. You can prevent them though by having healthy snacks, like nuts of fruit, easily on hand.


By eating seasonally, you are not only doing something good for your body but also your purse. Seasonal food is not only easier to buy after all, it is also cheaper.


That way you not only support local farmers, you also know where your food comes from and you know you are receiving food in good quality, which can be eaten conscientiously.


And we don’t mean convenience products but rather fruit and veg which are frozen in their ideal state of ripeness. Therefore, they are a good addition to your meals.


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Wir haben ein neues, gesundes und super leckeres Rezept für euch! Habt ihr schon mal gefüllte Tomaten zubereitet? Wenn nicht, ist es jetzt an der Zeit!

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Borner offers quality made in Germany since 1956. With our head office in Landscheid-Niederkail in the Eifel, we stand for health and vitality. We want to support a healthy and balanced diet and our products are perfectly suitable for that. They have been the cause for excitement and have been making cooking easier for over 60 years now. It is our mission to provide our customers with a range of high quality kitchen products that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and thus relieve work in the kitchen. Our Borner products are known for longevity and will inspire you over decades. Our slicers as well as graters and other kitchen gadgets should spark joy for a long time for your kitchen work, which is why we have made it our mission only to sell the best quality to allow a healthy and active life. Convince yourself!
Borner is easy. quick. healthy.


The slogan of Borner “Change your life!” reflects the claim to facilitate the way into a better life for our customers. We think a healthy diet should be the foundation for a better life and we want to support that. We do that by giving you, the customers, the right tool to support that foundation. Because that’s the start of a new life. Our slicers and graters are perfectly suited to promote a healthy diet consisting of raw food and other delicious dishes.