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Borner Pro-Set V6 stainless steel

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  • EL60072
Professionals chose stainless steel equipment. The Börner Pro-Set including the V6... altro
Informazione prodotto "Borner Pro-Set V6 stainless steel"

Professionals chose stainless steel equipment. The Börner Pro-Set including the V6 Exclusive-Line offers a high-quality slicer made of stainless steel which makes it an ideal tool for kitchen pros. In the addition to the vegetable slicer, the set also includes a stainless steel 4-in-1 peeler and a handheld grater made of stainless steel.

With a frame made of brushed stainless steel, the V6 ExclusiveLine meets even the the highest design requirements. The insert allows for the cutting of thin slices for delicious gratins or more coarse slices for salads. The inserts hat come with 3,5mm and 7mm blades are ideal for cutting fine Julienne strips for salads or for coarse sticks for making sweet potato fries. Achieve fine or coarse cubes for soups or stews by prior cutting into the vegetable. The set also comes with the matching food safety holder, that enables you to process your fruit and vegetables with leaving minimal waste.

The 4-in-1 peeler easily removes the skin from your fruit and vegetables. Also ideal for carving creative decorations into radish, cucumbers and other fruit. This multipeeler even cuts sensitive products such as tomatoes. Includes a cap lifter for the removal of crown caps with minimal effort. To clean, simply rinse the peeler under running water and place on eyelet for drying. This way you will always have it on hand.

The Set also contains a Borner handheld grater. Choose one of four graters you need: Ranging from very fine to very coarse. Prepare your dishes with grated parmesan cheese or freshl nutmeg. Borner offers the right grater.

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