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Borner schiaccianoci Nuts´n more - ExclusivLine

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  • EL60048
Borner nutcracker Nuts´n more - ExclusivLine This nutcracker made of high quality stainless... altro
Informazione prodotto "Borner schiaccianoci Nuts´n more - ExclusivLine"

Borner nutcracker Nuts´n more - ExclusivLine

This nutcracker made of high quality stainless steel is a real highlight for your kitchen. Thanks to its funnel shape, nuts and almonds of all kinds can be easily cracked which keeps kernels and their nutrients intact.  This not only guarantees that essential vitamins, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids and proteins are fully preserved, but they also keep their shape for cake decorations or other purposes.

Especially during the fall and winter months, fresh nuts and almonds contribute to a healthy diet and support the nervous system and concentration. Whether it is for work or studies, eating nuts helps mastering mental pressure and enhances performance in a natural way. This perfectly designed and ergonomically optimized nutcracker is a great tool and eye catcher at the same time.                     

This multitalent is perfect for opening champagne corks or hard to open screw tops.

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