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Borner Docking Station for V3 TrendLine, V5...
Keep your slicer handy where you need it. The new Börner docking station is the perfect home for your V3, V5 or V6 slicer. Store your slicer including inserts and food holder right next to your stove or cooking area and create delicious...
€6.90 *
Borner Pro-Set V6 stainless steel
Professionals chose stainless steel equipment. The Börner Pro-Set including the V6 Exclusive-Line offers a high-quality slicer made of stainless steel which makes it an ideal tool for kitchen pros. In the addition to the vegetable...
€99.90 * €119.70 *
Borner V6 ExclusiveLine Stainless Steel Slicer
The Borner V6 ExclusiveLine Stainless Steel Slicer is the stainless steel version of the original V3 Trendline. Whether you need thick, thin or very thin slices, fine Julienne strips or large sticks for French fries, the possibilities...
€79.90 * €89.90 *
Insert Box with 1.6mm and 10mm Blade Inserts...
Both additional inserts for the original Borner V6 TrendLine slicer give you even more choices when it comes to preparing fruits and vegetables. The original Borner 1,6 mm blade insert cuts very fine Julienne strips from sturdy fruit and...
€19.90 *