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Börner V3 TrendLine Basic Set
The Borner V3 Basic Set is ideal for cutting thick and thin slices. Simple, fast & healthy. Comes with our V3 slicer, the blade insert that also serves as a child protection lock, a slice insert for cutting 2 thicknesses and the food...
€34.90 *
Börner V3 TrendLine Profi Set
The Borner V3 TrendLine Profi Set in its attractive design includes everything that the cooks heart desires. This 8 piece set takes up minimal space in your kitchen. The included docking station is an ideal home for your slicer, food...
€49.90 * €70.50 *
Borner V3 Trendline Slicer (including slide and...
The classic version of the original Borner V-slicers. Our versatile V3 Trendline Slicer quickly and easily cuts and slices your fruits and vegetables. The V3 Trendline Slicer has three different inserts for thin or thicker slices, 3.5 mm...
€42.90 * €61.60 *
V3 Set Special
Keep everything under control with the V3-Set Special. Cut vegetables, prepare salads and decorate beautiful buffets with the V3 TrendLine, the matching bowl with strainer and the Borner combi peeler. The well-known Borner V3...
€59.90 * €66.30 *
Borner Docking Station for V1 ClassicLine, V3...
Keep your slicer handy where you need it. The new Börner docking station is the perfect home for your V1, V3, V5 or V6 slicer. Store your slicer including inserts and food holder right next to your stove or cooking area and create...
€8.90 *
Börner insert box TrendLine without base
This insert box is ideal for the save storage and holds two blade inserts and a slicer insert. Blade inserts must be pointed outwardly when inserting into the box. Perfect for the storage of V1, V3 and V6 inserts. We recommend our...
€8.90 *
Börner Schieberbox TrendLine mit Fuß
Unsere Schieberbox eignet sich für die Einschübe des V1, V3 und V6 Hobels. Zwei Messereinschübe, welche mit dem Messer nach außen eingeschoben werden, und der Scheibeneinschub finden in der Box Platz. Durch den abnehmbaren Fuß bietet...
€9.90 *
Slice insert for Borner V1 ClassicLine, V3...
The plate for slices as accessory of the mandolin V3, to cut fruit and vegetables in 2 different sizes. We offer you the possibility of obtaining this plate individually, in case you have lost your original plate.
€6.90 *
Collection Tray TrendLine V3
The original collection tray especially developed for the V-slicer V3 Trendline guarantees a perfect fit for the slicer. Once collected, salads can be created directly in the tray. The material is oil and vinegar resistant and can be...
€14.90 *
Plain insert for Borner V3 TrendLine
Two in one – child lock and medium cutting strength in one insert. Fits the Borner V3 Trendline in white and orange. The safety insert as child protection lock for your TrendLine V3. Front serves as protection from the sharp blades; the...
€6.90 *
Blade insert 1,6mm for Borner V1 ClassicLine,...
The accessory to the V3 TrendLine allows for cutting very fine julienne strips out of hard fruit and vegetables. By default, the Borner V3 TrendLine Slicer contains a plain insert as well as 3.5mm and 7mm inserts. Further inserts, namely...
€8.90 *
Blade insert 3,5mm for Borner V1 ClassicLine,...
The original Borner 3,5mm blade insert that comes as an accessory to the Börner V-slicer V1 ClassicLine, V3 Trendline and V6 ExclusiveLine. It allows you to cut fine, so called “julienne strips” and cubes out of solid fruit and...
€8.90 *
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