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V3 Set Special

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  • TO32105
Keep everything under control with the V3-Set Special. Cut vegetables, prepare salads and...mere
Produktinformationer "V3 Set Special"

Keep everything under control with the V3-Set Special. Cut vegetables, prepare salads and decorate beautiful buffets with the V3 TrendLine, the matching bowl with strainer and the Borner spiral cutter.

The well-known Borner V3 TrendLine-slicer that comes with two inserts allows for fast and easy cutting of slices and sticks in two different strengths. The V3 slicer also cuts cubes easy, fast and evenly.

Make sure to use the safety holder everytime to prevent injuries.

The matching bowl gives the V3 a secure fit when cutting fruit and vegetables. Simply hook the vegetable slicer onto the bowl and your chopped goods will drop directly into it. Not even a piece will go missing. Thanks to the oil- and vinegar resistant material, salads can be prepared and served directly in the bowl.

Create matching decorations for your buffet with the spiral cutter. Cut lovely spirals from cucumbers, radish and many other vegetables and add something special to your meals.

All products are easy to clean. Simply rinse under running water and they are ready for reuse. This set is available in orange and white.

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